Shoulder Injuries Are More Common In Some Than Others

Although all professional athletes can suffer shoulder injuries, athletes in particular sports and specific positions in those sports are at much higher risk for injuries requiring shoulder pain treatment. Professional baseball players, especially pitchers, often suffer from shoulder injuries due to the repetitive strain of the throwing motion. A tennis player’s serve can also put extra stress on their dominant shoulder, causing them to require shoulder pain treatment. Golf is another sport where shoulder pain treatment is often sought by professional athletes due to the unusual nature of a golfer’s swing. Finally, professional football players see a fair share of acute shoulder injuries due to blocking, tackling, and being propelled into the turf onto their shoulders.If not monitored, certain athletes can develop a shoulder injury painkiller addiction problem. 

Dislocation of the Shoulder Joint Can Cause Future Problems

Shoulder injuries come in a variety of forms and can include injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons, and (more rarely) the bones of the shoulder. One of the more painful acute shoulder injuries is a dislocation of the shoulder joint in which the athlete’s arm actually has to be “popped back in” to the shoulder joint’s socket. This sort of dislocation injury often requires anti-inflammatory and painkilling medications as part of the shoulder pain treatment. It can also cause lasting damage to the shoulder and make future dislocations more likely to happen.

The Infamous Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injury

Another common shoulder injury for professional athletes is the rotator cuff injury. This is caused by damage to the group of muscles and tendons that holds the shoulder joint in place and can require significant shoulder pain treatment. This is a common injury for baseball pitchers due to the nature of their throwing motion and can have a long term impact on their ability to throw the ball effectively. Other professional athletes such as golfers and football quarterbacks can often sustain this type of injury. The shoulder pain treatment for this injury often involves anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and rest. Physical therapy is critical for the athlete to recover their full range of motion.

The Toughest to Treat But Fortunately the Least Common

A broken clavicle (or collarbone) is a somewhat less common injury that usually is found only in contact sports such as football or hockey. This injury often requires extended shoulder pain treatment, involving a long period of rest and immobility for the bone to heal properly. Athletes may also be prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs as part of the shoulder pain treatment for this injury.

The Risk of Painkiller Addiction from Shoulder Injury Treatment

All of these types of shoulder injuries have their own timetable and regimen for a full recovery. Whenever professional athletes attempt to rush this process or utilize pain medication to dull the pain instead of resting their injury – they run the risk of doing more serious long term damage. This, in turn, will require more aggressive shoulder pain treatment to heal. Overuse of pain medication can be particularly dangerous due to its addictive qualities. Many professional athletes find themselves becoming addicted to these medications after only a few short weeks of use for shoulder pain treatment.