Endocet Drug Use Can Very Quickly Lead to Abuse

Endocet abuse affects people of all ages and backgrounds. It can often begin with the user taking the drug as prescribed for a valid medical reason. However, due to its addictive nature and the way it stimulates the brain’s reward centers, Endocet users can find themselves moving down the path of abuse very quickly. It can start with simply taking more than the prescribed dose either in response to pain or for the “high” that it provides. A user may then return to their doctor seeking to have their prescription renewed even if their pain is gone. They may also approach friends or family members with prescriptions to “borrow” a few pills before progressing to actually buying the Endocet off the street. 

Professionally Supervised Drug Detox for Endocet Addiction

Once addiction to Endocet develops, the physical and psychological dependence can be almost impossible to break without professionally supervised drug detox and rehabilitation. And, as with most forms of addiction, Endocet drug abuse is much easier to overcome if an individual seeks treatment early in their addiction.

Endocet drug abusers usually crush and snort tablets, but they can also smoke the crushed powder or mix it with water and inject it. By crushing the tablets, users bypass the time-release feature of the pills, enabling them to maximize the immediate impact of the drug. This results in a euphoric feeling that has been described as similar to heroin use, a drug which some Endocet abusers turn to if their supply of Endocet becomes unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Potential Endocet Overdose 

Because crushing the tablets removes the time-release effect of Endocet, it becomes much more dangerous to the user. Even a relatively small amount of Endocet consumed in this way can cause a potentially fatal reaction. Endocet abuse can have a particularly negative impact on respiratory function, potentially resulting in: shallow breathing, apnea, respiratory arrest, and even death. It can also cause other symptoms such as circulatory collapse shortly after use.

Endocet abusers can become physically addicted, requiring them to use more and more of it just to receive the same effect. Over time, they feel the need to have Endocet in their system simply to feel normal, let alone high. At this stage abuse, users often cause serious harm to those around them due to their complete focus on and preoccupation with getting more Endocet. The direct effects of the drug also serve to compound this negative impact on those around the user by lessening the user’s ability to sense the extent of harm they are causing those they love.