Painkiller Addiction Recovery Stories

Set Up to Fail

After years and years of a debilitating burning and numbness in my... Read More

My Second Chance

One of the worst things about my addiction to Vicodin was my... Read More

Doing Right by My Family

It’s hard to imagine a time in which I wasn’t... Read More

Take a Moment

It all happened so fast and so easily. It was like I was playing... Read More

Best Days Ahead

Each day I looked in the mirror, I saw less and less of the old... Read More

Another One (Almost) Bites the Dust

If you’re careless with your... Read More

Is This Supposed to Be Relief?

Have you ever heard those commercials for... Read More

The Price We Pay

Another day, another handful of pills; my life continued this... Read More

Pride Cometh before the Fall

People always talk about fate, like they’re... Read More

In The Blink of An Eye

Life can play the cruelest tricks on you. One day you can be... Read More

One Addiction for Another

For a while they thought they got rid of... Read More

I Saw It Coming

They say that life can change in the blink of an eye; well in... Read More

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