Straight A’s to Straight Oxycontin Addict

Unlike many other kids in high school, I avoided drugs and didn't even know what Oxy or Soma were. I also had never heard the many different names that the kids at school would use to refer to them by. Names like OC (I only knew the TV show) or hillbilly heroin or blue. Of course I was aware of drugs and I had heard all of the warnings from my parents growing up about how easily people could become addicted. But then in one of life's cruel ironies, even though I had never recreationally taken any type of drug before, I would wind up become addicted to drugs myself.

It all happened in my senior year, when a friend and I were nearly killed one night when a drunk driver ran a red light and blindsided his car and me because I was in the passenger seat.  My friend's car was completely totaled, and we were both very lucky to be alive, especially me. The accident had put us both in the hospital with serious injuries and mind injuries were even much worse than my friends. While I was truly lucky to survive the accident, the painkillers they would prescribe for my injuries would eventually create a whole new set of problems that I never really considered when I started taking them. Because they were given to me by medical professionals I thought they must be safe! No worries!

Morphine in the hospital was a must since I came in with a broken arm, 3 broken ribs, a smashed up knee and a severe case of whip lash, but it was the Oxycontin, Soma, and other analgesic prescriptions that I was prescribed by our family doctor that would eventually lead to my downfall.  I knew being bed ridden and in pain for a month or more would not be fun, but I’ve always tried to make the best of things and told myself at least I was going to get a little vacation from school for awhile.  The pain from my knee and neck in particular was the worst of my agonies, as its intensity came in waves that never seemed to totally abate.  This miserable condition also overrode any of my prior prejudices regarding drugs, since I unintentionally turned into a round the clock pill popper.  Aside from being my only refuge from the incessant physical pain, I couldn’t believe how much these drugs dulled the psychological trauma and memory of that horrifying collision that kept replaying in my mind.  I soon started to see what all the fuss was about and why so many kids take this stuff recreationally.  I thought of my Oxy and Soma as my only real escape from my pain and any other mental hang ups that I didn't want to have to think about.  The desire to feel, and think, nothing became the most important thing to me every day.

Eventually I healed physically, but mentally was a different story because my pain medication addiction had completely changed my mental state of mind. When I finally returned to school I became instantly popular. My classmates all got me tons of get well gifts and sympathy, and to my amazement wanted to buy the remainder of my pain meds from me. Since I had a ton of refills for Soma and Oxys, I quickly realized this could be some pretty easy money for me. I thought to myself why not share the pleasure and make some money at the same time, these were thoughts I would have never considered for a moment before the accident. Within a few short months of my accident, I had become what I had always detested, a drug addict. Now I was the student who I use to sneer at, I was the one buying, selling and using drugs. At some point I finally I realized I was totally powerless and I would never stop my pain medication addiction on my own. It was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life when I told my parents. I was so surprised how supportive, and non-judgmental they were towards me. My parents found this website and got an excellent recommendation for a rehab place that specialized in pain medication addiction to help me.

Today because of your website I am now no longer addicted to any type of pain medication and I am now once again getting straight A’s, and this time in college.

Contact the National Information Center for Pain Medication Addiction anytime toll-free at (855) 222-1980 or through our online form, and receive the answers, information or our recommendation for the help you or your loved one need to stop their pain medication addiction!

Get back the quality of life and level of dignity that is only possible when you or your loved one are no longer addicted to pain medication drugs . . . regardless of whether they were obtained legally or illegally.