Former Football Players Sue NFL over Prescription Drug Addiction

NFL to Answer for Prescription Dispensation Practices 

A lawsuit has been filed against the NFL by former members of the organization who have struggled with painkiller addiction as a result of their playing time. Eight former NFL players are taking the league to court over pain medication distribution practices to which they both bared witness and took part during their careers.

Notable NFL Names Involved in Suit

The plaintiffs, including former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent, are asserting that the NFL unethically substituted painkillers for proper healthcare in an effort to prolong player’s careers and sustain profitability. McMahon reportedly developed a 100 pill-per month Percocet habit due to his exposure to the culture of the NFL. Also part of the plaintiff pool is former wide receiver J.D. Hill who, after leaving the NFL and losing access to lead doctors, declined into 20 years of homelessness and painkiller addiction.

A Growing Number of Plaintiffs

The suit claims that the NFL obtained these pills without prescriptions and irresponsibly and illegally medicated their players without educating them as to the possible side effects or addiction risks. The pills include pain medication and sleeping pills. 500 NFL retirees have joined the suit. The players and their attorney describe a “pervasive culture of painkiller and abuse and addiction that went beyond the league’s doctors and trainers.”

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