Best Friends Forever until Oxycontin Addiction

My Oxycontin addiction has single handedly destroyed my once close and drug free circle of friends. While we have not all overdosed and died from it as so many unknowing young people have, we have completely degenerated from our former selves. Lying, stealing, being arrested, and the rest of the trouble we have grown accustomed to over the last few years has all come with our choice to pursue our drug habit. The happy go lucky world my friends and I once knew was corrupted by our initial desire to experiment, and a prescription pill dealing boyfriend who enjoyed giving us the charity of free Oxycontin to try having a new kind of fun. I have since moved on from him, but the seeds for my Oxycontin addiction had already taken root inside of me.

One by one, we each became estranged and increasingly driven solely for our own opiate needs. The change came from within. I remember hearing when our long time best friend Molly got arrested for possession and intent to distribute for acquiring some 70 Oxys. Shocking as it was to hear about her, I remember the rest of us feeling more concerned with finding another solid connection rather than having any heartfelt sorrow for our friend. Others grew resentful over money and drug issues and faded away from group, into a mundane and selfish existence of self-servitude addiction. Aside from the obviously serious physical problems and the warping of one’s mental character, I would say the worst thing my friends and I experienced from these drugs was the loss of the ability to love. When days and weeks go by while immersed in a frenzied drug hunt, all for that numbing feeling of pleasure, you are literally deconditioning yourself to care about anyone or anything else.

The only thing that saved me was an intervention set up by my parents and a rehab that specialized in pain medication addiction in Florida. At first, I was very resistant to going to rehab so far away from our home in Long Island. I told my parents that I knew other girls who went to local rehabs right in Long Island. My parents reminded me that they my friends were all still using drugs after they came home from their local rehabs in Long Island too. I had to reluctantly agree and off I went to the Oxycontin addiction rehab in Florida.

I was amazed how right everything felt to me from the moment I got off the plane at the West Palm Beach airport and their driver was waiting to take me to their facility. I started with my opiate detox and finally got clean for the first time since I could remember. Then I started the therapy phase of my pain medication addiction treatment. I slowly learned how to put my life back together again and maintain realistic yet positive perspective for the future after I left rehab. I have thanked my loved ones constantly that reached out to get me the help I needed to save my life, along with myself for accepting the change and remaining determined and sober through every day since.

I know there are plenty other young girls and guys in my former situation that may feel lost, hopeless, and utterly consumed by their Oxycontin addiction, but if I’m here talking to you clean and sober, I promise that you can succeed too. In addition, parents… I can only say it behooves you to educate your children about the true physical and moral dangers of Oxycontin addiction. While I do take full responsibility of experimenting with the drug, I may not have if I had been previously educated on the true nature of it. This is not just another marijuana, alcohol, or cigarette type of problem; Oxycontin is destroying many young people’s lives directly or indirectly. Take the loss of my once inseparable group of childhood friends as proof.

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