The 4th time was the charm for me!

I’ll be honest and start this off by admitting that I have been to 3 different general drug rehab facilities previously.  God, that sounds like a lot, even to me as I am writing this. All of these previous stints at rehab have been for my pain medication addiction. After several years and several attempts I was ready to completely give up any attempt at treatment and adopted a Charlie Sheen like view of rehab.  The problem was that I have never felt a sense at my former rehabs that they truly got the whole opiate addiction.  I think this was because they seem to label everyone they treat the same. If everyone’s problem is exactly the same naturally you decide the treatment you provide to everyone can be the same too.  This thinking created a very rigid mind set in all of their counselors and by my third trip concluded this is never going to work for me.

After giving up hope for a long time I found your site and was immediately struck by its entire focus on opiate abuse and treatment. I felt a spark of hope again that someone else actually shared my view. I finally found a whole website created specifically for people like me who needed specialized treatment for their pain medication addiction.  When I called and explain my addiction and problems with previous attempts at rehab I was very impressed with the person I spoke with and their understanding. She told me my situation was not uncommon at all because there are so few treatment centers that specialize in pain medication addiction.

She gave me the names of a place in Florida and one in California who specialize in the exact type of treatment I needed. I live on the east coast, so I contacted the one in Florida and after completing their treatment program I feel like a brand new person. All the skills and strengths I developed while I was there help me everyday now to stay clean and sober. I am now back at work and have returned to the live I knew before my pain medication addiction.

Contact the National Information Center for Pain Medication Addiction anytime toll-free at (855) 222-1980 or through our online form, and receive the answers, information or our recommendation for the help you or your loved one need to stop their pain medication addiction!

Get back the quality of life and level of dignity that is only possible when you or your loved one are no longer addicted to pain medication drugs . . . regardless of whether they were obtained legally or illegally.